Tadich Grill, San Francisco: Photo Tribute

Tadich Grill, a fresh catch San Franciscan institution, where tycoons, traders and trendsetters can agree: good eats, fine drinks, no nonsense service since 1849.

At 7:30 pm on a Wednesday night, Tadich Grill was jamming like a Navy ship had just docked in town. No place at the inn for sure, so we took a seat at the only two empties: the drinking-only/appetizer section of the bar.

Starved, we couldn’t wait for a table so we heeded the bartender’s advice and ordered the Boston + Traditional Clam Chowder mix with an Old Fashioned to sip on. A soup for the truly undecided.

With the bowl scraped clean via warm sourdough bread, the hunger was only slightly abated. Two seats open up on the ‘dining’ side of the bar and we pounce like panthers ready for the kill.

We knew what we wanted. My boyfriend orders the Seafood Saute or the Cioppino every time. Me? Crab cakes always make me willy-nilly in the tastebuds.

Serious servers in lab coats, a place with a century and a half of soul and cuisine to make you dream with cravings.

Tadich Grill 240 California Street  San Francisco, CA 94111